Career Forums

IDCS 2016 will include Career Forums. It will provide open space for sponsors and prospective employees to build direct connections. On the other hand, it will provide an opportunity for young scholars and Ph.D candidates to discuss and explore their research interests and career objectives with a panel of established researchers to help them network with both junior and senior researchers.


In order for better serving the young scholars and participants in the field of internet and distributed computing systems, especially in the active research areas such as industrial IoT and smart logistics, the IDCS 2016 committee will also organize tutorials. World leading experts, who will act as a tutorial character, will give invited lectures on established areas including Social Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Logistics and Intelligent Manufacture to provide insights to the state of the art.

The wide coverage offered by this event will be ideal for young scholars, Ph.D candidates, industry researchers and practitioners including newcomers to the field, who want to broaden their understanding and knowledge over the fields.